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The German Language (Märchen und Erzählungen für Anfänger

Point: The Awful German Language by Mark Twain

Counterpoint: Why we should learn German by John le Carré

Synthesis: Märchen und Erzählungen für Anfänger. Erster Teil by H. A. Guerber / Zweiter Teil

UPDATE: “Jakobs Haus”

Those last links go to one of those interesting finds I’ve been meaning to talk about for forever and a day. The title is German and means “Fairy Tales and Stories for Beginners”;”First Part”/”Second Part”. The introduction is in English though, and there’s a German/English vocabulary! Continue reading

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Hello! I’ve decided to try to promote this blog a bit. I’d really like to build a true community here, and then find a way to monetize that community. So I thought it would be a good step to ask (beg, implore, convince, stop just short of manipulating) you to help with that. Or at least to clarify that I definitely don’t mind if you spread the word, give positive feedback and/or tell me what kind of stuff you’d like to see more of.

So, you know, tell your friends (that might be interested). Tell your relatives. Tell your acquaintances. Tell your teachers/students/fellow students. Tell your enemies. Tell your frenemies. I’m not asking you to tell random strangers since that might get a bit too awkward, but in the end all of this is up to your own judgement.

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Beat of My Own Drum (New Schedule!)

A while ago it seemed prudent to me to give this blog a slightly lower priority for a while. Still does, really, but there’s other considerations besides what is prudent, such as what the hell and why not. At any rate, I’m reprioritizing once more and the blog is moving up this time. Also, I feel like shaking things up a bit anyway.

So. New schedule. This blog will update every second day from now on, on every even day.

That is, there’ll be a post on the 8th, then on the tenth, then on the twelfth, and so on, regardless of what day of the week.

Not quite sure how exactly I’ll manage do that, though. I guess I’ll figure it out unless I won’t. Probably things are going to be a bit more casual around here.

Meanwhile, I’ve still got a few HSK1 flashcards in the pipeline, which I’ll post starting tomorrow, but let’s have something different right now. How about this old thing I’ve got lying around?