Strong To The Finish

I think I’ve only ever seen Sinbad the Sailor presented as a good guy, but from wikipedia article…

“Sinbad bludgeons the wife to death and takes her rations.”

Law of the sea, sort of, I suppose. Except on land. And no drawing of lots. I guess it depends an the particular version of the story and the interpretation, as always. He is who he is in your personal imagination. (Or ‘head-canon’ as the kids put it)

Edit: I would like to point out that very, very few (if any) of my posts contain any clever hidden messages. When in doubt, better just assume that I meant what I said, nothing more. If I do intend to give hidden messages they tend to be positive (ultimately. I’m not above a little pulling of pigtails.) If wanted to call someone a witch or a bitch or a demoness I’d do it to their face, but in private. Or so I assume. The issue has never come up that I can recall. Terms like ‘vixen’ or ‘foxy’ howevever…nuff said.



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