No more Twitter

Sorry to the people following me on Twitter, but I decided I’m not going to publicize there anymore. No offense to anyone on there, I just read one tweet too many to want to be associated with them until they clean up their act a bit. (I’m not advocating censorship. They are not a government organization.)


3 thoughts on “No more Twitter

    1. Me neither. I just use (used to use) the publicize feature from wordpress. Didn’t mean to be coy. This is about Trump being appallingly racist (you can probably narrow it down by the timing). It’s not much of a moral stance on my part since I have (had) only three twitter followers. Just felt like the thing to do.


      1. And to be fair to all sides (kidding, but the next part is true), I’m actually slightly annoyed about Obama’s tweet too. Well, the tweet itself is fine, but…what are tweets doing in the news anyhow? In principle, Twitter could just ban (refuse doing business with) anybody if they feel like it, right? I’m not sure about the legalities there. Not sure anyone is. That seems like an issue. Also, it seems generally messed up to communicate that way about important stuff, with such an arbitrary limitation. (And *of course* he has the most popular tweet ever. Such a show-off.)


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