Out of the Box

compare → Kangxi Radical 17: 凵 qū Open Box

Pithy quotes:

“Will you take the money or open the box?”

“The heedless woman opened the box, and all evil was loosed upon us.”

“If someone wants to open this Pandora’s box and deal with it, all right, go for it then.”

The court opened up a Pandora’s box by doing that.”

“The box… you opened it, we came.”

“The hero occasionally breaks the seal himself […]”

“Phenomenal, Cosmic Power! …itty-bitty living space.”

“Advice & Assistance Obtainable Immediately”

“Anything that you might need I’ve got inside for you.”

Identify all the quotations and you might win a special surprise! Or you might not. I honestly haven’t decided yet. (Bonus style points for noticing the terrible pun)

On second thought, This is too easy to make a contest. Added links.

Update: I’ve scheduled posts for every odd day until September 29. Gods and demons mostly, though I might swap around some stuff later to mix it up a bit. Categories and tags etc. are not yet done, but I will get around to that soon, I swear. I’m not always super organized, but I think there’s hope for me still.


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