A Man of Wealth and Taste

„Was immer du tun kannst oder wovon du träumst – fange es an. In der Kühnheit liegt Genie, Macht und Magie.“ —Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” –Goethe

「无论你能做什么,或梦想自己能做什么,都着手开始吧。勇敢就是天赋、力量和魔法的代名词。现在就马上开始吧。」 ——歌德 ​​​​

(If anyone knows who did the English and/or Chinese translation, please comment.)


Hello again,

I am, once more, nearing the end of my buffer of posts. Fortunately, I have a plan B, and a plan C, and… I think we’re at plan M now. Plenty of letters left even in just the Latin alphabet though. Anyhow. Just in case, I’m going to schedule– may already have scheduled by the time you are reading this– posts for every even day (which, come to think of it, is not quite every second day) for the next month or so. Most of that will be pictures you most likely haven’t seen before.

That’s about it. Oh, except I’m not really at plan M, to be honest. That was just me being melodramatic. I’m really at…plan G or something. (And to be completely honest, instead of  ‘plan’ it might be more accurate to say ‘ex-post rationalization’.)

On with the show!


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