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Hello! I’ve decided to try to promote this blog a bit. I’d really like to build a true community here, and then find a way to monetize that community. So I thought it would be a good step to ask (beg, implore, convince, stop just short of manipulating) you to help with that. Or at least to clarify that I definitely don’t mind if you spread the word, give positive feedback and/or tell me what kind of stuff you’d like to see more of.

So, you know, tell your friends (that might be interested). Tell your relatives. Tell your acquaintances. Tell your teachers/students/fellow students. Tell your enemies. Tell your frenemies. I’m not asking you to tell random strangers since that might get a bit too awkward, but in the end all of this is up to your own judgement.

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4 thoughts on “plz like share subscribe comment

      1. You should check out this book– my local library had a copy, maybe yours does too? Anyway, there were lots of things about the layout that were novel, but my sense is the book is essentially one designer’s aesthetic applied chinese characters— my sense is that you could put together something similar and it would have a totally different flavour in a really cool way. Still, lots of great ideas in what the author put together.


  1. I actually own that book, but I’ve only looked at it a little. I bought it a while after I started creating the mnenomic pictures and then wanted to avoid inadvertently stealing ideas/getting discouraged by somebody else’s better execution.

    It did influence me, though, in two ways. Not precisely in form of the following thoughts, but that’s the gist of it:

    – “Well, there does seem to exist a demand for this kind of thing; something of a market even. Hm…”

    – “I can’t compete with the craftmanship, and certainly not with knowledge of the language, obviously. Maybe I’ll focus on variety and humor instead, and try extra hard to come up with good concepts.”

    The book that really got me started, incidentally, I discovered in a used-book store. Edoardo Fazzioli’s book about the Kangxi Radicals. “Gemalte Wörter” is the title of the German edition. I’ve been meaning to write about that forever, actually. I keep putting it off because, well, I love the book, but it has a few issues…


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