A Wild Hanzi Appears! [some adult language, links to nsfw site]

I took kind of a me-day yesterday and was planning on another one today, just relax catch up on some of the webcomics I read. But in one of them a Chinese character turned up and got me curious, plus It was relevant in other ways so I thought, why not make a blog post about it? Still sort of against my no-work-at-all-today rule, but no need to be too rigid there either. Besides, who am I to say no when the universe drops me a “subtle” hint? (I’m not really superstitious in that way, but sometimes I wonder…)

This is the character:

Easy enough to look up if you know your stroke orders. I like it. Good choice for a tattoo.

实 [實] /  shí / real, true, honest, really, solid, fruit, seed, definitely

xiaoma /⇒  mdbg

The webcomic in question is the nsfw Go Get A Roomie! Now, I’m a heterosexual, cisgendered  male (if I absolutely have to put it in broad, binary terms) and, er, fairly vanilla, which isn’t to say that, if the opportunity presented itself, I’d necessarily say no to…uh, nevermind. My point is, there’s a lot of stuff in there that’s kind of interesting to me, but not really of personal concern, and I don’t follow it out of prurient interest either, even though there’s boobs on occasion. I like it because it’s, to my view, essentially an old-fashioned screwball [joke omitted for being too easy] comedy. It’s a very good webcomic, and I’ve got nothing bad to say about it, except maybe it’s getting a tiny little bit preachy now and again lately…

Not saying that’s necessarily a bad thing always, but it’s not really what I come to the comic for, ironically enough. Perhaps I just need to adjust my expectations. Regardless, these are good points well made, so congrats for that to the writer/artist :)

That’s it, really. I’ve meaning to get a bit more personal on the blog, but this was kind of unexpected so that’s one reason I’m being so vague…

Well, that’s enough blogging for today. Time for breakfast.

[post slightly edited to avoid/address ambiguity]



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