HSK1: fēijī / 飞机 / airplane

HSK 1 Vocabulary: 飞机

飞机 / fēijī / airplane
飞 / fēi / to fly
机 / jī / machine


HSK word listsChinese in Flow
  → 飞吻


The character 机 contains the wood/tree radical , suggesting (sort of) the meaning, and as a phonetic component.
木 / mù / tree, wood, surname Mu, (Kangxi Radical #75)
is pronounced “jī” or “jǐ”.

Bonus Art

I think I haven’t posted these before, but I’m not 100% sure.

Bonus Vocabulary

机 / shuǐshàngfēijī / seaplane
机场 / fēijīchǎng airport, flat chest (slang)
机 /zuòfēijī / to catch a plane
机 / xiàfēijī / to get off a plane
机 / dǎfēijī / to masturbate (slang)

Bonus Links

魂飞魄散 红飞翠舞 → 展翅高飞



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