HSK1: xiàyǔ / 下雨 / to rain

HSK 1 Vocabulary: 下雨

下雨 / xiàyǔ / to rain, rainy
下 / xià / down, below, to go down
雨 / yǔ / rain
雨 / yù / to rain

下午 / xiàwǔ / afternoon


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Bonus Links

投井下石  → 上下其手  → 居高临下呼风唤雨 → 翻云覆雨 

Bonus Vocabulary

/ yíxià / a little bit, once
雪 / xiàxuě / to snow
/ yǔyī / raincoat
雨点 / yǔdiǎn / raindrop


So, this is what I’m focusing on at the moment: Flashcards for the HSK 1 text. (Which I’m at long last now gearing up to take) I’m reusing some art here to start with (likely mostly from → “Writing Some Words”), but after a while new stuff will show up and hopefully predominate.

Note that I’m not giving traditional variants for the characters here [like I usually do]. Everything else should be pretty self-explanatory. Bonus vocabulary/links will go beyond HSK1.

I’ll get back to working on more character mnemonics and idioms once I’ve rebuilt my buffer of posts. I don’t know exactly how long that’ll take, but it should more a matter of weeks rather than months.

The Foundation Character Lessons project might stay on hiatus somewhat longer though, unfortunately, before I’ll be able to continue with it in any significant way. For starters, I’ll have to proofread Book 1 a bit more carefully, and after that there’s a bunch of research to be done…


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