Chinese Character: 爽 shuǎng Cheerful

[Characters Chart] [Radical: 爻 yáo Lines on a Trigram (#89)] [Component: 大 dà Big (#37)]

爽 / shuǎng / bright, open, cheerful, to deviate

凉爽 / liángshuǎng / cool and refreshing
爽朗 / shuǎnglǎng / clear and bright, candid
爽快 / shuǎngkuài / refreshed, straightforward
爽爽快快 / shuǎng shuǎng kuài kuài / in short order, straightforward

Not a super frequent character, but it’s distinctive and kind of groovy.

Possibly a bit slangy or suggestive in some contexts.

不爽 / bùshuǎng / not well, accurate
爽 / gānshuǎng / dry and clean, clear and fresh
/ shuǎngkǒu / fresh and tasty
爽亮 / shuǎng liàng / clear, open, bright
[] / shuǎngqì / cool fresh air, straightforward
/ shuǎng mù / attractive

爽肤 [] / shuǎngfūshuǐ / toner
粉 / shuǎngshēn fěn / baby powder, talcum powder

en.wiktionary: 㸚Hanzicraft: 㸚


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