Lesson I-21: Letting Out Cattle

1000 Chinese Foundation Characters

Book I, Lesson 21 (→ Index Introduction)

Hanzi Pinyin English
 《放牛》  fàng niú  Letting Out Cattle
 清明后,  qīngmíng hòu  After the Pure Brightness Festival
 野外天气和暖。  yěwài tiānqì hénuǎn  in the countryside the weather is soft and warm.
 孩子们出去放牛;  háizimen chūqù fàng niú  Children go forth to let out the cattle;
 有些在树林,  yǒuxiē zài shùlín  some in the woods,
 有些草地。  yǒuxiē cǎodì  some on the meadow.
 坐着唱歌,  Zuòzhe chànggē  Sitting and singing,
 实在高兴。  shízài gāoxìng  truly happy

Hanzi Pinyin English
 放  fàng   to release, to let out
 明 míng  bright, to understand, public, Ming dynasty
 野  yě  field , open space, limit, boundary
 外 wài   outside / in addition / foreign / external
 son / child
(noun suffix)
 们  men  (plural marker)
 些  xiē  few, several
 林 lín  woods
 实  shí  real, definitely
 高  gāo  tall
 兴 xīng
 to rise, to flourish, to start, to encourage
interest, excitement

Hanzi Pinyin English
 清明  qīngmíng  clear and bright, sober and calm, Pure Brightness Festival
 野外  yěwài  countryside
 天气  tiānqì  weather
 和暖  hénuǎn  soft and warm
 孩子  háizi  child
 孩子们  háizimen  children
 出去  chūqù  to go out
 有些  yǒuxiē  some, somewhat
 树林  shùlín  woods, grove
 草地  cǎodì  lawn, meadow
 唱歌  chànggē  to sing a song
 实在  shízài  really, true, honest
 高兴  gāoxìng  happy, glad

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