Lesson I-19: Selling Vegetables

1000 Chinese Foundation Characters

Book I, Lesson 19 (→ Index Introduction)

Hanzi Pinyin English
 《卖菜》  mài cài  Selling Vegetables
 一清早,  yīqīngzǎo  Early in the morning,
 有个乡下人,  yǒu gè xiāngxià rén  there is a particular country person,
 挑了一担菜,  tiāole yī dàn cài  who has carried a load of vegetables,
 在街上叫卖。  zài jiē shàng jiàomài  there on the street, to sell wares.
 好多人,  hǎoduō rén  Lots of people,
 都出来买。  dōu chūlái mǎi  all come out to buy.
 一会儿,  yī cáo er  Just a moment later,
  就把菜买完了。  jiù bǎ cài mǎi wán le  already the vegetables have been bought up completely.

Hanzi Pinyin English
 卖  mài  to sell
 清  qīng  clear
 早  zǎo  morning
 乡  xiāng  countryside
 挑  tiāo
to carry on a shoulder pole, to chose
to raise, to incite
 担  dān
to shoulder
picul (≅50), CL for loads carried on a shoulder pole
 街  jiē  street
 叫  jiào  to shout, to call
 就  jiù  right away
 把   bǎ
 to hold, (particle)
 完  wán  to finish, complete

Hanzi Pinyin English
 一早  yīzǎo  early in the morning
 清早  qīngzǎo  first thing in the morning
 一清早  yīqīngzǎo  early in the morning
 乡下  xiāngxia  countryside
 乡下人  xiāngxiàrén  country folk
 街上  jiēshang  on the street, in town
 叫卖  jiàomài  to peddle
 好多  hǎoduō  many, much better
 出来  chūlái
 to come out, to emerge
 完了  wánle   to be finished
一会  yī huì  a moment

Stroke Orders

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