Chinese Character: 从 cóng From

[人 rén Man, Person (#9)]

从 [從*] / cóng / from, to follow… ⇒  ⇒ en.wiktionaryChinese Grammar Wiki
从 [從] / cōng / lax, yielding, unhurried
从 [從] / zòng / second cousin

  • 从 can also be a variant form of 從 in traditional script

从者 [從者]/ cóng zhě / follower, attendant
从…到… [從……] / cóng… dào… / from… to…
从何 [從] / cóng hé / where from?
[從]/ cóngér / thus, thereby
[從]/ cóngzhōng / from, therefrom
[從] / cóngxiǎo / from childhood

从 [從]/ rén cóng / retinue, hangers-on
从 [從] / zhǔ cóng / client-server (computing), primary and secondary
从 [從] / zìcóng / since, ever since
跟从 [從] / gēncóng / follow


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