Particle De Song

Particle De

Who can turn a ‘me’ into a ‘mine’?
Who can turn a ‘thee’ into a ‘thine’?
It’s really clear to see
It’s particle de

Who gave the blue sky that bright hue?
Who will make true love be true for you?
That’s particle de

‘You’ and then de and then that which is your own
Attribute, then de, then the so-described noun

Who can say in what way, if it can be?
And who can say just to what degree?
You can describe just how far you can see
of you just add particle de

A verb and de – step after step! – plus complement,
if possible – to some extent

Who’s doing good, and who’s doing well?
what earthly way, just how you can tell?
Adjectives become adverbs instantly
Don’t add ba or guò, don’t add zhe, and don’t add ne or le
Just add particle de

After Tom Lehrer’s “Silent E” song for the Electric Company

Chinese Grammar WikiChinese Boost



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