Lesson I-14: Teahouse Conversation

1000 Chinese Foundation Characters


Book I, Lesson 14  (→  Index  Introduction)

Hanzi Pinyin English
 《茶馆谈话》  cháguǎn tánhuà  Teahouse Conversation
 茶馆里,  cháguǎn lǐ  Within a teahouse,
 谈话的人很多,  tánhuà de rén hěnduō  the are many people who are having conversations,
 有谈家事的,  yǒu tán jiāshì de  there is talk of family matters,
 有谈国事的,  yǒu tán guóshì de  there is talk of political matters,
 有天下事的。  yǒu tiānxià shì de  there is of anything under the sky.
 来来往往,  lái lái wǎng wǎng  Much coming and going,
热闹得很。  rènào de hěn  very lively.


Hanzi Pinyin English
 茶  chá  tea
 馆  guǎn  building, shop
 谈  tán  to talk, to chat
 话  huà  language, words, conversation
 里  lǐ  inside, mile, village, neighborhood
 多  duō  many, much, often
 事  shì  matter, thing
 国  guó  country
 下  xià  down
 往  wǎng  towards


Hanzi Pinyin English
 茶馆  cháguǎn  teahouse
 谈话  tánhuà  conversation
 家事  jiāshì  family matters
国事 guóshì  politics
 天下  tiānxià  the whole world, the whole of China
 来往  láiwǎng  to come and go, to have dealings with

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