Chinese Character: 国 guó country

[Component: 玉 (王)] [Radical: 囗] [Characters Chart]


国 [國] / guó / country, kingdom, surname Guo

[ 國] / guówáng / king
国 [國] / wáng guó / kingdom, realm
国家 [國] / guójiā / country, nation

中国 [國] / Zhōngguó / China
外国 [國] / wàiguó / foreign
[國] / guótǔ / country’s territory
国 [開國] / kāi guó / to found a state, to open a closed country
[國] / guófù / founder of a nation, Father of the Republic (Sun Yat-sen)

国 [中國] / zhōnglìguó /neutral country
国 [業國] / gōngyèguó / industrialized countries

[國] / guó sè tiān xiāng / national grace, divine fragrance; an outstanding beauty (idiom)

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