Kangxi Radicals Chant

Kangxi Radicals Chant

One Line Dot Slash Second Hook
Two Lid Man Legs Enter Eight
Down-Box Cover Ice
Table Up-Box Knife
Power Wrap Spoon
Right-Box Hiding Ten
Divination Seal Cliff
Private Right-Hand/Again

Three Mouth Border Soil
Scholar Go Go-Slow
Dusk Large Female Child Roof
Inch Little Lame Corpse Sprout
Mountain River Toil
Oneself Towel Dry
Short-Thread Shelter Long-Stride
Two-Hands-Joined Shoot Bow Snout
Bristle Step-With-Your-Left-Foot

Four Heart Spear Door
Hand Branch Tap-Light
Script Dipper Weight
Square Without Sun
Say Moon Tree Owe
Stop Death Weapon Don’t
Compare Fur Clan Air
Water Fire Claw Dad
Trigram Piece-of-Wood
Fang Slice Oxen Dog

Five Deep Jade Melon Brick
Sweet Life Use Field Bolt Sick
Dotted-Tent White Skin Dish
Eye Lance Arrow Stone
Show Track Grain Cave Stand

Six Bamboo Rice
Silk-Cloth Clay-Jar
Net Sheep Feather
Old Beard Plow Ear
Brush Meat Minister
Self Arrive Mortar Tongue
Oppose Boat Stop-Stare Color
Grass Tiger Insect Blood
Travel Clothing Cover

Seven See Horn Speech Valley
Bean Boar Badger Cowrie
Red Run Foot Body Cart
Bitter Morning Walk
City Wine-Vessel
Distinguish Village

Eight Gold Long Gate
Mound Slave Small-Bird
Rain Blue-Green Wrong
Nine Face Rawhide
Leather Leek Sound
Leaf Wind Fly Eat
Head/First Fragrant

Ten Horse Bone Tall Hair Fight
Holy-Wine Cauldron Ghost
Eleven Fish Bird Salt Deer Wheat Hemp
Twelve Yellow Millet Black Brocade
Thirteen Frog Tripod Drum Mouse/Rat
Many Nose Neat Teeth Dragon Turtle Flute

© Cornelius Götz von Olenhusen

I’ve made a couple of attempts to come up with something to help with memorizing  the Kangxi Radicals sequence. This one might actually be useful, I think.



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