Chinese Character: 中 zhōng Middle

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中 / zhōng / within, middle, center, during, China, surname Zhong
中 / zhòng / to hit, to be hit by, to suffer

[國] / Zhōngguó / China
[學] / zhōngxué / middle school
中立 / zhōnglì / neutral
打中 / dǎ zhòng / to hit (a target)

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I’ve buckled down and redone the Chinese character mnemonics, as least as far as the images are concerned. Have a look. I think it’s a significant improvement.

Regarding the 1000 Chinese Foundation Character Lessons, I’ll try to finish Book I by the current schedule, but then there’ll probably be a bit of a hiatus with regard to that project, and I’m not quite sure how I’ll proceed with it yet.

Have a happy Year of the Rooster, everyone.


Lesson I-10: New Year


Index / Introduction

Book I, Lesson 10

Hanzi Pinyin English
《新年》  xīnnián  The New Year
新年到了!  xīnnián dàole  The New Year has come!
你说贺年,  nǐ shuō hènián  You say New Year’s greetings,
我也说贺年。  wǒ yě shuō hènián  I also say New Year’s greetings.
人人欢欢喜喜  rénrén huān huān xǐ xǐ  Everyone is very happy,
家家热热闹闹。  jiā jiā rè rè nào nào.  every family is extremely lively.


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Lesson I-9: Flower Village

Index / Introduction


Book I, Lesson 9

Hanzi Pinyin English
《花村》  huācūn  The Flower Village
红花开了!  hóng huā kāile  Red flowers have opened!
白花开了!  bái huā kāile  White flowers have opened!
红花在村南。  hóng huā zài cūn nán The red flowers are in the south of the village.
白花在村北。  bái huā zài cūn běi  The white flowers are in the north of the village.
年年二三月,  niánnián èr sān yuè  year after year in the second/third month,
花红又花白。  huā hóng yòu huā bái  flowers red and flowers white.


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You may experience some slight temporal distortions. Do not .demrala be


As part of the current reorganization effort I’ve split apart some older posts. These double features made more sense back when there was less to keep track of. There should be an indivdual post for each Kangxi Radical now. That required some backdating of posts and general messing out with the fabric of time and space. I think I’ve managed to do that this time without messing up anything, but I might easily have overlooked something.

I’ve decided to keep the Collections pages around for now, just to be safe. So if there’s post or pictures suddenly missing, everything should be there in some fashion at least.

Also, I’ve made some corrections here and there and made a few small additions. I think the only somewhat significant ones are…

…this old picture I’d made for the “cliff” radical way back when, which I just conveniently rediscovered (not sure why I didn’t use it in the first place, actually):


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