Lesson I-5: Ox And Horse Walk

Index / Introduction

Book I, Lesson 5

Hanzi Pinyin English
《牛马走》 niú mǎ zǒu Ox And Horse Walk
牛马同走, niú mǎ tóng zǒu An ox and a horse walk by together,
一前一后。 yī qián yī hòu one ahead, one behind.
小孩问老人: xiǎohái wèn lǎorén The child asks the old man:
“前的是牛吗? Yī qián de shì niú ma “The one ahead is the ox, right?
“后的是马吗?” hòu de shì mǎ ma “The one behind is the horse, right?”
老人说“是”。 lǎorén shuō shì The elder says “They are”.


Hanzi Pinyin English
niú  ox, cow
zǒu  to walk
qián  ahead
hòu  behind
 hái  child
 wèn  to ask
 shì  to be
 ma  [Y/N question particle]
 to say
to persuade


Hanzi Pinyin English
小孩  xiǎohái  child
老人  lǎorén  elder

Stroke Orders


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