Lesson I-4: Having A Meal

Index / Introduction

Book I, Lesson 4

Hanzi Pinyin English
《吃饭》 chīfàn Having A Meal
一家八人, yījiā bā rén  The whole family – eight people,
有男的, yǒu nánde  there are men,
有女的, yǒu nǚde  there are women,
有老的, yǒu lǎode  there are old ones,
有小的, yǒu xiǎode  there are little ones,
一同吃饭。 yītóng chīfàn  they are all having a meal together.


Hanzi Pinyin English
 chī  to eat
 fàn  food
 jiā  home, family
 yǒu  to have, there is
 nán  male
 nǚ  female

aim, clear
really and truly
lǎo  old
xiǎo  small, young
tóng together, alike


Hanzi Pinyin English
吃饭  chīfàn  to have a meal
一家  yījiā  the whole family
男的  nánde  man
女的  nǚde  woman
一同  yītóng  along, together

Stroke Orders


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