Readings shortlist

I realized it’s going to take a while for me to get the bookshelf page in a respectable shape, so for now here is a selection of some of the more interesting titles. I am going to give short descriptions/reviews for each of these soon as I can, but for now please just take my word that these are all at least worth a look.

Esop’s fables written in Chinese – 1840sample

How to write Chinese – 1905

An English gazette for Chinese students – 1907

Researches into Chinese superstitions – 1914….sample

Custom officers’ English-Chinese vademecum – 1915

Gems of Chinese verse – 1919

Fir-flower tablets – 1921

Li, Duke of Chien – 1922

玲瓏. Ling Loon Ladies’s Journal. Shanghai 1931-1937 : Issues

Introduction to Chinese Letters in Cursive Script – 1967

Chinese Cultural Resource Book (For Elementary Bilingual Teachers (ERIC) – 1974

Chinese New Year Materials for Elementary Teachers Education (ERIC) – 1975

Demystifying the Chinese Language (ERIC) – 1980

Stories And Myths Of Eight Immortals – 1995


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