The Fox and the Grapes

Something else from Esop’s fables written in Chinese (1840). Once again, the B/W pdf is probably the most convenient option.

I’ve transcribed “The Fox and the Grapes” (because it’s mercifully short well-known and quite interesting) plus the Chinese on the title page, and also added a word-by-word translation.

I put in some extra effort for this one because it’s so fascinating. I do hope there aren’t any major mistakes, but it is quite possible as I am well outside my comfort zone with this. The text is written in what you might call semi-literary Chinese, I believe.

Aesop • Esop • 伊索 • Yīsuǒ • 意拾 • Yìshí • ΑἴσωποςAísōpos
Mun Mooy Seen-Shang*
Robert Thom • 羅伯特·托姆 • Luóbótè·Tuōmǔ • Sloth

*Possibly: 蒙昧先生 • Méngmèi Xiānshēng • “Mr. Ignorant”



Esops Fables Title Page

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