Demon-Expelling Charm

If you didn’t know, is a treasury of old books about Chinese language and culture (and pretty much everything else really). There are some issues with accessing them though. Their scanning procedures don’t always seem to handle Chinese characters well for one thing (the pdf files are fine though big). Also books are from before the invention of pinyin, which is inconvenient.

Still, lots of great stuff in there. Let me give a small sample from the (dismissively titled but extensive) “Researches into Chinese superstitions” (Vol II) by Henri Doré. I added a list of the characters with pinyin and stuff below. Otherwise I present it as is since I don’t have the knowledge to place it in any meaningful historical or religious context.

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No. 68 Demon-Expelling Charm Employed By Taoists

Trad. Simp. Pīnyīn Pin1yin1 English
     sān  san1  three, surname San
   令  lìng  ling4  to command
 勝    shèng  sheng4  victory
     qǔ  qu3  to take
     yòu  you4  right-side
     jí  ji2  lucky, surname Ji
     tiān  tian1  sky, day, heaven
     shī  shi1  teacher
     zhāng  zhang1  to spread, surname Zhang
     zhǐ  zhi3  finger, to indicate
 教    jiāo  jiao1  to teach
     jiào  jiao4  religion, surname Jiao
     rì  ri4  sun, day
     dào  dao4  Dao
     mén  men2  gate, doorway, surname Men
     líng  ling2  mound


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