This is a bit of an abomination (also: updates)


丁廾巳  中凵工匸长 日尺囗山冂 干囗乂 亅凵巾尸巳刀 囗丷巳尺 丁廾巳 乚开之丫 刀囗石

丁廾工冂石丂 日巳丫囗冂刀 之


Probably people have come up with something like this before. I kind of wish I hadn’t.

4 Strokes Radicals Collection: Thumbnails / Large / Slideshow
New Characters Index (still needs a bit of work, but it should be an improvement over the old one at least)
EDIT: And here’s a collection of the additional characters falling under the mouth-radical category.
Mouth-Radical: Thumbnails / Large / Slideshow

I’m gonna take a bit of a break from revising old stuff now. Though if there’s anything in particular anybody wants me to rework sooner rather than later for whatever reason just tell me about it and I’ll see what I can do.

Also, I fixed some mistakes during revision, but most likely not all, and probably some new errors crept in, as is the way of these things. If you notice something, please comment and I’ll correct it as soon as I can.


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