Family Terms for Grandparents, Parents, Siblings, Children [Informal]

Have some illustrations of terms for family members. I was gonna save these for a rainy day, but what the heck. They work best as a group anyway, I think.

The idea here was to create pictures that would illustrate the words so clearly that the English translation would be redundant, or at least almost so. This turned out to be difficult in a number of ways, so I shelved that approach for the time being. I did manage to put together this cute, if somewhat bland, family though.

Remember, these are informal terms, ie more like “mom” and “dad” as opposed to “mother” and “father”, and I’m not quite sure when they’d be appropriate to use.

wp-1451231821690.png 爸爸 [爸爸] • bàba • father

wp-1451231723261.png 妈妈 [媽媽] • māma • mother

wp-1451231849621.png 父母 [父母] • fùmǔ • parents

wp-1451232649963.png 儿子 [兒] • érzi • son

wp-1451232649958.png女儿 [兒] • nǚ’ér • daugher

wp-1451232649959.png子女 [子女] • zǐnǚ • children

wp-1451230782482.png 哥哥 [哥哥] • gēge • big brother

wp-1451230782480.png 弟弟 [弟弟] • dìdi • little brother

wp-1451230782485.png兄弟 [兄弟] • xiōngdì • brothers

wp-1451229997248.png big sister 姐姐 [姐姐] jiějie jie3jie

wp-1451229935863.png妹妹 [妹妹] • mèimei • little sister

wp-1451230081343.png姐妹 [姐妹] • jiěmèi • sisters

wp-1451233597264.png 爷爷 [爺爺] • yéye • paternal grandpa

wp-1451233566339.png 奶奶 [奶奶] • nǎinai • paternal grandma

wp-1451233624201.png外公 [外公] • wàigōng • maternal grandpa

wp-1451233658321.png 姥姥 [姥姥] • lǎolao • maternal grandma


English Simp. Trad. Pīnyīn Pin1yin1
 father  爸爸  爸爸  bàba  ba4ba
 mother  妈妈  媽媽  māma  ma1ma
 parents  父母  父母  fùmǔ  fu4mu3
 son  儿子  兒  érzi  er2zi
 daughter  女儿    nǚ’ér  nü3er2
 children  子女  子女  zǐnǚ  zi3nü3
 big brother  哥哥  哥哥  gēge  ge1ge
 little brother  弟弟  弟弟  dìdi  di4di
 brothers  兄弟  兄弟  xiōngdì  xiong1di4
 big sister  姐姐  姐姐  jiějie  jie3jie
 little sister  妹妹  妹妹  mèimei  mei4mei
 sisters  姐妹  姐妹  jiěmèi  jie3mei4
 paternal grandpa  爷爷  爺爺  yéye  ye2ye
 paternal grandma  奶奶  奶奶  nǎinai  nai3nai
 maternal grandpa  外公  外公  wàigōng  wai4gong1
 maternal grandma  姥姥  姥姥  lǎolao  lao3lao

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