Kangxi Radical 214: 龠 Flute (yuè)

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Kangxi Radical No.214 (Seventeen Strokes)

龠 [] / yuè / “flute” radical (214)
aka: Kangxi Radical Flute

龠 [] / yuè / ancient flute, ancient unit of volume

橐龠 [橐龠] / tuó yuè / pair of bellows
管龠 [管龠] / guǎn yuè / flute, pipe, key

龡 [] / chuì / archaic version of 吹, to blow (a flute)
吹 [] / chuī / to blow, to puff, to brag, to end in failure

龢 [] / hé / archaic version of 和, harmonious
和 [] / hé (Taiwan: hàn) / and, together with, sum, union, peace, harmony, Japanese related
和 [] / He /surname He
和 [] / hè / to cap (a poem), to respond in singing
和 [] / huó / soft, warm
和 [] / huò / to mix together, to blend
和 [] / hú / to complete a set (in mahjong or playing cards)



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