Kangxi Radical 206: 鼎 dǐng Tripod

  Kangxi Radical 206: 鼎 dǐng ~ “tripod” ☞



鼎 / dǐng / “tripod” radical (206)
aka: holding, the cauldron, sacrificial tripod, three-legged cauldron, Kangxi Radical Tripod
鼎 / dǐng / ancient cooking cauldron
鼎 / dǐng / 50th I Ching (易经 [易經] Yìjīng) hexagram ䷱: ‘holding’/ ‘the cauldron’

/ dǐngzú / three competing rivals
/ dǐnglì / three-way confrontation
鼎鼎 / dǐngdǐng / great, very important
九鼎 / jiǔdǐng / The Nine Cauldrons, (ancient symbol of Imperial power)
问鼎 [問鼎] / wèndǐng / “grand ambitions”/”make a play for power” (idiom)
钟鼎 [鐘鼎文] / zhōngdǐngwén / bell-cauldron script (↗ en.wikipedia)
鼎鼎名 / dǐng dǐng dàmíng / famous, celebrated
名鼎鼎 / dàmíngdǐngdǐng / famous

鼐 / nài / incense tripod

饕餮 / tāotiè / ferocious mythological animal, the fifth son of the dragon king, zoomorphic mask motif, gluttonous, sumptuous

Legendary artefacts, historical mysteries, ancient inscriptions, clay sculpting, a mysterious mythical creature written about by JL Borges… good stuff.

en.wikipedia: Ding (vessel)
google image search “鼎”
en.wikipedia: Taotie
google image search “饕餮”
en.wikipedia: Nine Tripod Cauldrons
en.wikipedia: Chinese bronze inscriptions)
en.wikipedia: Book of Imaginary Beings


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