Kangxi Radical 205: 黾 [黽] mǐn Frog

Kangxi Radical 205: 黾 [黽] mǐn “frog” ☞

Simplified: 黾


Traditional: 黽



黾 [黽] / mǐn / “frog” radical (205)
aka: Kangxi Radical Frog, amphibian
黾 [黽] / mǐn / frog, toad, amphibian

鼋 [黿] / yuán / sea turtle
鼍 [鼉] / tuó / large water lizard

蛙 / wā / frog
青蛙/ qīngwā / frog
蛤 / há / frog, toad
蛤蟆 / háma / frog, toad

蝌 / kē / tadpole
蚪 / dǒu / tadpole
蝌蚪 ; 科斗/ kēdǒu / tadpole

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