Kangxi Radical 181: 页 [頁] yè Page

Kangxi Radical 181: 页 [頁] yè page ☞

Simplified: 页

Traditional: 頁


页 [頁] ~ yè ~ “page” radical (181)
aka: Kangxi Radical Leaf, big shell
页 [頁] ~ yè ~ page, leaf, sheet

页 [黃頁] ~ huángyè ~ Yellow Pages
页 [頁] ~ shǒuyè ~ home page, front page, cover letter

页 [頁] ~ shàng yī yè ~ preceding page
页 [頁] ~ shàng yè ~ previous page
页 [頁] ~ xià yī yè ~ next page
页 [頁] ~ xià yè ~ next page~ xià yè ~ next page

页 [頁] ~ zhǔyè ~ home page
页 [頁] ~ rùkǒu yè ~ web portal
[] ~ huí yè shǒu ~ hyperlink to top of webpage
书页 [書頁] ~ shūyè ~ page of a book
网页 [網頁] ~ wǎngyè ~ web page

[頁]  ~ yèmiàn ~ page, web page
[頁] ~ yè shǒu ~ page heading

预 [預] ~ yù ~ to advance, in advance, beforehand, to prepare
顾 [顧] ~ gù ~ to look after, to take into consideration, to attend to
顾 [顧] ~ Gù ~ surname Gu

颜 [顏] ~ yán ~ color, face, countenance
颜 [顏] ~ Yán ~ surname Yan



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