Kangxi Radical 163: 邑 yì City

Kangxi Radical 163: 邑 yì “city” ☞



阝on the left = 阜 fù mound // 邑 yì city = right-side-阝



邑 (right-side-阝) / yì / “city” radical (163)
aka: Kangxi Radical City
邑 / yì / city, village

采邑 [採邑] / cǎi yì/ fief, benefice
邑 / Gān yì / Cognac
首邑 / shǒu yì / local capital

都 / dōu / all, both, even, already
都 / dū / capital city, metropolis
都 / Dū /  surname Du

邓 [鄧] / Dèng / surname Deng
邮 [郵] / yóu / post (office), mail


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