Kangxi Radical 162: 辵 chuò Walk

Kangxi Radical 162: 辵 chuò “walk” ☞





辵 (⻌ [辶⻎]) / chuò / “walk” radical (162)
aka: Kangxi Radical Walk
辵 / chuò / to walk

这 [這] / zhè / this, these
这 [這] / zhèi / this, these

过 [過] / guò / (experienced action marker), to cross, to go over, to pass (time), to celebrate (a holiday), to live, to get along, excessively
过 [過] / Guò / surname Guo

达 [達] / dá / to reach, to amount to, to communicate, eminent
达 [達] / Dá / surname Da

进 [進] / jìn / to enter, to receive, to present, into
运 [運] / yùn / to move, to transport, to use, to apply, fortune
追 / zhuī / to seek, to recall
迈 [邁] / mài / take a step
巡 / xún / to patrol


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