Kangxi Radical 199: 麦 [麥] mài Wheat

鹿 Kangxi Radical 199: 麦 [麥] mài “wheat” ☞

Simplified: 麦


Traditional: 麥



麦 [麥] ~ mài ~ “wheat” radical (199)
aka: Kangxi Radical Wheat
麦 [麥] ~ mài ~ wheat, barley, oats
麦 [麥] ~ Mài ~ surname Mai

麦 [麥] ~ xiǎomài ~ wheat
[麥] ~ màizi ~ wheat

麦 [麥] ~ dàmài ~ barley
丹麦 [丹麥] ~ Dānmài bāo ~ Danish pastry
麦 [麥] ~ ěrmài ~ earphones

麸 [麩] ~ fū ~ bran


Kangxi Radical 198: 鹿 lù Deer

Kangxi Radical 198: 鹿 lù “deer” ☞



鹿 ~ lù ~ “deer” radical (198)
aka: Kangxi Radical Deer
鹿 ~ lù ~ deer

麋鹿 ~ mílù ~ elk
鹿 ~ dàlù ~ moose
颈鹿 [長頸鹿] ~ chángjǐnglù ~ giraffe
鹿 [馬鹿] ~ mǎ lù ~ red deer, idiot
鹿 ~ lù ròu ~ venison
鹿 ~ lùjiǎo ~ antler, deer horn

麓 ~ lù ~ foot of a hill
麋 ~ mí ~ moose, river bank
麋 ~ mí ~ surname Mi
麈 ~ zhǔ ~ leader of herd, stag


Kangxi Radical 190: 髟 biāo Hair

Kangxi Radical 190: 髟 biāo “hair” ☞ 斗 [鬥]



髟 ~ biāo ~ “hair” radical (190)
aka: Kangxi Radical Hair
髟 ~ biāo ~ hair, shaggy

髦 ~ máo ~ bang, fashionable, mane
髯 ~ rán ~ beard, whiskers
髻 ~ jì ~ hair rolled up in a bun, topknot
鬟 ~ huán ~ a knot of hair on top of head
鬏 ~ jiū ~ bun (of hair)


Kangxi Radical 187: 马 [馬] mǎ Horse

Kangxi Radical 187: 马 [馬] mǎ “horse” ☞

Simplified: 马


Traditional: 馬


I had a hard time with this character, even though you can sort of recognize it as a depiction of a horse. But turns out I don’t have a particular gift for drawing horses. Did you know there is an ancient Chinese proverb about how horses are super difficult to draw? (It’s true!)

I ended up using the My Little Pony style as a starting point, but took it back half a step towards something resembling an actual horse a little bit more. Also, as a matter of artistic integrity and personal honor, I didn’t want to just copy somebody else’s design.

…okay, maybe I actually tried to copy the My Little Pony style, but just couldn’t quite pull it off. Did you know there is an ancient Chinese proverb about how My Little Ponies are super difficult to draw? (It’s not true at all!)

Anyhow. Interestingly, the My Little Pony figures in their most strongly cutified forms actually have roughly the same proportions as the Chinese characters. There’s probably a lesson in that.



马 [馬] ~ mǎ ~ “horse” radical (187)
aka: Kangxi Radical Horse
马 [馬] ~ mǎ ~ horse
马 [馬] ~ Mǎ ~ surname Ma

马匹 [馬匹] ~ mǎpǐ ~ horse
马 [走馬] ~ zǒumǎ ~ to ride (a horse), to go on horseback
马 [馬] ~ shàngmǎ ~ to get on a horse, to mount
马 [馬] ~ xiàmǎ ~ dismount a horse
[馬] ~ mǎlì ~ horsepower
马 [馬] ~ xiǎo mǎ ~ colt, pony
马 [馬] ~ mǔ mǎ ~ mare
马 [馬] ~ báimǎ ~ white horse
马年 [馬年] ~ mǎ nián ~ Year of the Horse

驰 [馳] ~ chí ~ run fast, speed, spread, gallop
驴 [驢] ~ lǘ ~ donkey
骡 [騾] ~ luó ~ mule
驹 [駒] ~ jū ~ colt
骅 [驊] ~ huá ~ chestnut horse
骠 [驃] ~ piào ~ white horse
骝 [騮] ~ liú ~ bay horse with black mane
骀 [駘] ~ tái ~ tired, worn out horse


Kangxi Radical 181: 页 [頁] yè Page

Kangxi Radical 181: 页 [頁] yè page ☞

Simplified: 页

Traditional: 頁


页 [頁] ~ yè ~ “page” radical (181)
aka: Kangxi Radical Leaf, big shell
页 [頁] ~ yè ~ page, leaf, sheet

页 [黃頁] ~ huángyè ~ Yellow Pages
页 [頁] ~ shǒuyè ~ home page, front page, cover letter

页 [頁] ~ shàng yī yè ~ preceding page
页 [頁] ~ shàng yè ~ previous page
页 [頁] ~ xià yī yè ~ next page
页 [頁] ~ xià yè ~ next page~ xià yè ~ next page

页 [頁] ~ zhǔyè ~ home page
页 [頁] ~ rùkǒu yè ~ web portal
[] ~ huí yè shǒu ~ hyperlink to top of webpage
书页 [書頁] ~ shūyè ~ page of a book
网页 [網頁] ~ wǎngyè ~ web page

[頁]  ~ yèmiàn ~ page, web page
[頁] ~ yè shǒu ~ page heading

预 [預] ~ yù ~ to advance, in advance, beforehand, to prepare
顾 [顧] ~ gù ~ to look after, to take into consideration, to attend to
顾 [顧] ~ Gù ~ surname Gu

颜 [顏] ~ yán ~ color, face, countenance
颜 [顏] ~ Yán ~ surname Yan


Kangxi Radical 170: 阜 fù Mound

☜  Kangxi Radical 170: 阜 fù “mound” ☞



阝on the left =  阜 fù mound  //   邑 yì city = right-side-阝



阜 (阝on the left) ~ fù ~ “mound” radical (170)
aka: dam, Kangxi Radical Mound
阜 ~ fù ~ abundant, mound

阴阜 | 陰阜| yīn fù | yin1 fu4 | mons veneris

队 |隊 | duì | dui4 | squadron, team, group
院  yuàn ~ courtyard, institution
防 ~ fáng ~ to protect, to defend
限 ~ xiàn ~ limit, bound
阱 ~ jǐng ~ hole, pitfall

陆 [陸] ~ liù ~ six (anti-fraud numeral)
陆 [陸] ~ lù ~ shore, land, continent
陆 [陸] ~ Lù ~ surname Lu

阳 [陽] ~ yáng ~ positive (polarity), sun, Yang (male principle)
阴 [陰] ~ yīn ~ negative (polarity), loudy, shady, moon, hidden, implicit, genitalia, Yin (female principle)
阴 [陰] ~ Yīn ~ surname Yin