Kangxi Radical 156: 走 zǒu run

Kangxi Radical 156: 走 zǒu “run” ☞



走 (赱) ~ zǒu ~ “run” radical (156)
aka: Kangxi Radical Run
走 ~ zǒu ~ to walk, to run, to visit, to leave, from, through, to change

走 ~  xíngzǒu ~ walk
走进 [走進] ~ zǒu jìn ~ to enter
走去 ~ zǒu qù ~ to walk over (to)
~ zǒu rù ~ to walk into
~ zǒu rén ~ to leave, to let somebody leave
走 ~ chūzǒu ~  to flee, to run away
~ zǒuchū ~  to move away from

~ zǒu zǐ  ~ a move (in chess)
走马 [走馬] ~ zǒumǎ  ~ to ride (a horse), to go on horseback
~ zǒu xīn ~ to take care, to be mindful
[走紅] ~ zǒuhóng ~  to be popular, to have good luck, to develop smoothly

~ zǒuhuǒ ~ to go off accidentally, to catch fire
走狗 ~ zǒugǒu ~ running dog, lackey
~ zǒusī ~ to smuggle, to have an illicit affair
~ zǒu yīn ~ off-key, out of tune
~ zǒu sè ~ to lose color, to fade

起  ~ qǐ ~  rise, raise, build, start unload, remove… (⇒ xiaoma.info)
超 ~ chāo  ~ super-, to exceed



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