Kanji Variants of the Kangxi Radicals (Japanese Simplified / Shinjitai)

Going for the hat trick, here is my attempt to also cover the variant Japanese Simplified (Shinjitai) forms of the Kangxi Radicals. I think together with the (forthcoming) pictures for the traditional variants this should cover almost everything. But do note that I don’t actually know any Japanese so please consider this to be very much provisional.

Shinjitai (en.wikipedia)
⇒  Table of japanese kanji radicals (en.wikipedia)
Kanji (en.wikipedia)
Kyōiku kanji (Kanji taught in primary education by school year) (en.wikipedia)
sci.lang.japan FAQ

34 “winter” & 35 “winter variant”


I’m guessing these names stem from this character: ⇒

113 示 (礻) “altar”
I don’t know if there’s any particular significance to the “spirit” / “altar” difference in names.

Next, pictures for those simplified Japanese (Kanji) characters that are different from the simplified Chinese equivalents.

203 “black”

210 “even”

211: “tooth”

212 “dragon”

213 “turtle”


冬 / winter / tō, fuyu / 5 Strokes

34: 夂 / winter / fuyugashira / 3 Strokes
35: 夊 / winter variant / suinyou / 3 Strokes
113: 示 (礻) / altar, display, indicate / ji, shi, shime-su / 5 Strokes
203: 黒 / black / koku, kuro, kuro-i / 11 Strokes
210: 斉 / even, uniformly, adjusted / sei / 8 Strokes
211: 歯 / tooth, molar / ha /12 Strokes
212: 竜 / dragon / ryū, tatsu / 10 Strokes
213:亀 /  turtle, tortoise / ki, kame /11 Strokes


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