Kangxi Radical 116 穴 xué Cave

Kangxi Radical 116: 穴 xué “cave” ☞



穴 xué ~ “cave” radical (116)
aka: 穴宝盖 [穴寶蓋], Kangxi Radical Cave
穴 ~ xué [Taiwan: xuè] ~ cave, hole, acupuncture point

洞穴 ~ dòngxué  ~ cave, cavern
岩穴 ~ yánxué ~ grotto,  cave
风穴 [風穴] ~ fēng xué ~ wind cave
空穴 ~ kòng xué ~ electron hole
匪穴 ~ fěi xué ~ bandit den, rebel stronghold

穴位 ~ xuéwèi ~ acupuncture point
死穴 ~ sǐ xué ~ lethal point (acupuncture), vulnerable spot
点穴 [點穴] ~ diǎnxué ~ to hit a pressure point (martial arts), dim mak
阴穴 [陰穴] ~ yīn xué ~ underground cave, vagina
[穴鳥] ~ xué niǎo ~ jackdaw
穴居 ~ xuéjū rén ~ cave man

空 ~ kōng ~ empty, air, sky, in vain
空 ~ kòng ~ to empty, vacant, space, free time


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