Kangxi Radical 119: 米 mǐ Rice

Kangxi Radical 119: 米 mǐ “rice” ☞


I’m not really sure if that picture makes really sense with regards to actual rice farming. Probably not. Anyhow, a less contrived way (but would have been less fun to draw) to remember this character: It’s the character for tree (), indicating a plant, plus two little dots, like rice corns (not the true etymology though).


米 ~ mǐ ~ “rice” radical (119)
aka: Kangxi Radical Rice
米 ~ mǐ ~ rice, meter (classifier
米 ~ Mǐ ~ surname Mi Continue reading

Kangxi Radical 113: 示 shì Spirit

Kangxi Radical 113: 示 shì “spirit” ☞




示 (礻) ~ shì ~ “spirit” radical (113)
aka: ancestor, veneration, Kangxi Radical Spirit, altar, display
示 ~ shì ~ to show, to reveal
• Not to be confused with: 衣 (衤) ~ yī ~ “clothes” (145) Continue reading