Kangxi Radical 89: 爻 yáo Lines on a Trigram

Kangxi Radical 89: 爻 yáo “lines on a trigram” ☞


The above picture is based on the Eight Mansions of Black Hat School Feng Shui, which sounds like it should be some kind of evil secret society kung fu death trap maze, but it’s just the diagram used for the simplified Western version of traditional Chinese geomancy. Still, that’s not uninteresting either.

⇒ Bagua (en.wikipedia)
Feng Shui (en.wikipedia)
Stuff You Should Know Podcast: How Feng Shui Works



爻 ~ yáo (yao2) ~ “lines on a trigram” radical (89)
aka: line, diagrams for divination, double x, Kangxi Radical Double X, mix , twine, cross
爻 ~ yáo (yao2) ~ lines on a trigram

爽 ~ shuǎng ~ bright, clear, straightforward, fine, invigorating, to deviate

卦 ~ guà ~ divinatory trigram
卦 ~ bāguà ~ the eight divinatory trigrams of the Book of Changes
易经 [易經] ~ yì jīng ~ The Book of Changes (“I Ching”)

乾 ~ qián ~  trigram ☰ (heaven), male principle
乾 ~ Qián ~ surname Qian
[乾] ~ gān ~ dry, clean
[乾] ~ Gān ~ surname Gan
~ tiān ~ heaven, sky

坎 ~ kǎn ~ trigram ☵ (water), pit, threshold
~ shuǐ ~ water

艮 ~ gèn ~ trigram ☶ (mountain)
~ shān ~ mountain

兌 ~ duì ~ trigram ☱ (lake/swamp), to cash, to exchange, to add (liquid), to blend,
兌 ~ Duì ~ surname Dui
泽 [澤] ~ zé ~ pool, pond, lustre (of metals etc.), favor or beneficence, damp, moist

震 ~ zhèn ~ trigram ☳ (thunder), to shake, to vibrate, to jolt, excited, shocked
雷 ~ léi ~ thunder, terrific, terrifying (internet slang)
雷 ~ Léi ~ surname Lei

坤 ~ kūn ~ trigram ☷ (earth), female principle
地 ~ dì ~ earth, ground, field, place, land
地 ~ de ~ -ly (grammatical particle)

离 [離] ~ lí ~ trigram ☲ (fire), to leave, from (in giving distances), without (sth), independent of,  mythical beast (archaic)
离 [離] ~ Lí ~ surname Li
~ huǒ ~ fire

巽 ~ xùn ~ trigram ☴ (wind), obey
[風] ~ fēng ~ wind



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