Kangxi Radical 193: 鬲 lì Cauldron

Kangxi Radical 193: 鬲 lì “cauldron” ☞



鬲 ~ lì ~ “cauldron” (193)
aka: Kangxi Radical Cauldron, tripod
鬲 ~ lì ~ kind of ancient three-legged vessel
鬲 ~ gé ~ earthen pot, iron cauldron, substantial
鬲 ~ Gé ~ surname Ge Continue reading

Kangxi Radical 89: 爻 yáo Lines on a Trigram

Kangxi Radical 89: 爻 yáo “lines on a trigram” ☞


The above picture is based on the Eight Mansions of Black Hat School Feng Shui, which sounds like it should be some kind of evil secret society kung fu death trap maze, but it’s just the diagram used for the simplified Western version of traditional Chinese geomancy. Still, that’s not uninteresting either.

⇒ Bagua (en.wikipedia)
Feng Shui (en.wikipedia)
Stuff You Should Know Podcast: How Feng Shui Works



爻 ~ yáo (yao2) ~ “lines on a trigram” radical (89)
aka: line, diagrams for divination, double x, Kangxi Radical Double X, mix , twine, cross
爻 ~ yáo (yao2) ~ lines on a trigram Continue reading

Kangxi Radical 84: 气 qì Steam

Kangxi Radical 84: 气 qì “steam” ☞



All the posts for the Kangxi Radicals are now done and scheduled (except for the links which I can only properly add after they are posted). So… yes.
Some nice ones upcoming, if I do say so myself.  The one for /”oppose” (scheduled for Dec. 11) is just about the most badass picture of stick figures you will ever see! (On this blog. On that particular date.)
Also, I finally managed to draw a horse. (adorable horse picture scheduled for January 18 2016)


气 ~ qì~ “steam” radical (84)
aka: Kangxi Radical Steam, breath
气 [氣] ~ qì ~ steam, breath, air, weather, to get angry, Chi Continue reading

Kangxi Radical 81: 比 bǐ Compare

Kangxi Radical 81: 比 ~ bǐ  ~ “compare” ☞





比 ~ bǐ  ~ “compare” radical (81)
aka: Kangxi Radical Compare, compete
比 ~ bǐ  ~ to compare, to gesture, ratio, (comparison particle)
比 ~ Bǐ  ~ abbr. for: 比利时 [比利時] ~ Bǐlìshí  ~ Belgium
比 ~ bì  ~ associate with, be near Continue reading

State of the blog

日 rì “sun” (72)

Hello, everyone. I’ve got some exciting (well, to me at any rate) news:

First, I got nominated for a Liebster Award. Many thanks to Cloudberry! I will try to properly accept it and pass it on (as per ancient Internet blogging custom) in the not too distant future.

Second, I finished the last drawing for my series of mnemonic pictures for the Kangxi Radicals. Some legwork left to do, but unless there are technical difficulties or I get hit by a bus or something I can as good as promise that I will be able to post the remainder according to the current (Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday) schedule.

Current queue: 比气爪父爻鬲爿片疋癶皮石示禸穴米缶网耒臣至臼舌舛艮艸衣西言贝走足车辰辵邑釆阜页马髟鬲鹿麦黍黹黾鼎龠

After Halloween (鬲) this follows the Kangxi Radicals sequence in order. The last one (龠) should be posted on February 5, shortly before Chinese New Year.

More news soon (probably). Meanwhile, please enjoy the upcoming drawings and take care.

wpid-wp-1426948813588.png 星 xīng star (日+5)