Kangxi Radical 150: 谷 gǔ Valley

Kangxi Radical 150: 谷 gǔ “valley” ☞



谷 ~ ~ “valley” radical (150)
aka: Kangxi Radical Valley
谷 ~ gǔ ~ valley
谷 [穀] ~ gǔ ~ grain, corn
[穀] ~ Yù ~ surname Yu

谷地 ~ gǔdì ~ valley
谷 ~ shāngǔ ~ valley
~ gǔzi ~ millet
谷 ~ bāogǔ ~ maize, corn

Quick update: Still trying to fill in the gaps. 无,欠,毋,母, and 比 are not quite done, but close enough that I’m confident about them. I have also spent some time staring blankly at 气 and scratching my head, which is an important part of my creative process.



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