Kangxi Radical 62: 戈 gē Halberd

Kangxi Radical 62: 戈 gē “halberd” ☞


戈 / gē / “halberd” radical (62)
aka: spear, dagger-axe, Kangxi Radical Halberd
戈 / gē / spear
戈 / Gē / surname Ge
• Not to be confused with: 弋 / yì / “shoot” (56)

干戈 / gāngē / weapons of war
戈壁 / Gēbì / Gobi desert

我 / wǒ / I, me
• Radical: 戈 / gē / “halberd” (62)
• Component: 手 / shǒu / “hand” (64)

战 [戰] / zhàn / to fight, war, battle
戮 /lù / to kill
戟jǐ / halberd, combined spear and battle-axe

Regarding , it may not seem obvious how a hand holding a halberd means “I”. You can think of it as (and it might or might not actually be) based on a somewhat martial metonomy. (⇒ Compare this)
Or just consider how holding a bigass weapon will emphasize your presence and subtly encourage others to take your agenda into account. Well, generally speaking. In principle. I don’t mean this as life advice.



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