Kangxi Radical 26: 卩 jié Seal

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Kangxi Radical No.26 (Two Strokes)

卩 (㔾) / jié / “seal” radical (26)
aka: 单耳朵 [單耳朵], 单耳刀 [單耳刀], single ear, Kangxi Radical Seal
• archaic character

却 [卻] / què / but, yet, while, to go back, to decline
即 / jí / namely,  at once, even if, prompted (by the occasion), to approach, to assume (office)
印 / yìn / print, mark, engrave, seal,  a stamp, a trace, image, surname Yin, abbr. for: 印度 / Yìndù / India
危 / wēi [Taiwan: wéi] / danger, to endanger, surname Wei
卮 / zhī / goblet

2-26b Seal Jie2 233x314



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