Kangxi Radical 147: 见 [見] jiàn See

西 Kangxi Radical 147: 见 [見] jiàn “see” ☞

Simplified: 见


Traditional: 見


For once this is based on the actual etymology of the character. (⇒ chineseetymology.org), which is a bit more recognizable in the traditional version 見: A little figure, reduced to just legs () and a large eye above it (目).
Not to be confused with 贝 [貝], which depicts a cowry shell and doesn’t have legs, but…uh, antennae or feelers or something.


见 [見] ~ jiàn ~ “see” radical (147)
aka: Kangxi Radical See
见 [見] ~ jiàn ~ to see, to meet, to seem to be
见 [見] ~ xiàn ~ appear

见 [見] ~ kànjiàn ~ to see, to catch sight of
见 [聽見] ~ tīngjiàn ~ to hear
[見] ~ jiànmiàn ~ to meet, to see sb
见 [見] ~ huí jiàn ~ See you later!
见 [見] ~ jǐjiàn ~ one’s own viewpoint
[開門見] ~ Kāiménjiànshān ~ lit. To open the door and see the mountain, fig. to get right to the point (idiom)



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