Kangxi Radical 61: 心 xīn Heart

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Kangxi Radical No.61 (Three Strokes)

心 (忄㣺) / xīn / “heart” radical (61)
aka: Kangxi Radial heart
心 / xīn / heart, mind, centre

中心 / zhōngxīn / center, heart
[裡] / xīnli / chest, heart, mind
/ xīnmù / mentality, viewpoint
心 / ānxīn / to be willing to, to resign oneself to
心 / hēi xīn / blackhearted
心 / èr xīn / duplicity, half-heartedness
心 / lì xīn / fulcrum, center of force
心 / tiānxīn / center of the sky, will of heaven
/ xīn shàng rén / sweetheart, one’s beloved
心气 [氣] / xīnqì / motive, state of mind, heart Qi
心音 / xīnyīn / sound of the heart, heartbeat
心说 [說] / rìxīnshuō / heliocentric theory



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