Kangxi Radical 207: 鼓 gǔ Drum

黑 (203) ☜  Kangxi Radical 207 鼓 gǔ “drum” ☞


鼓 (鼔) / gǔ / “drum” radical  (#207)
aka: Kangxi Radical Drum
鼓 / gǔ / drum, convex, to beat

鼓 (鼔) / gǔ / convex, drum, to rouse, to beat
鼓励 [鼓勵] / gǔlì / to encourage
打鼓 / dǎ gǔ / to beat a drum, to play a drum, (fig.) to feel nervous
/ gǔshǒu / drummer

鼗 / táo / small revolving drum with knobs
鼙 / pí / drum carried on horseback

Chinese Etymology: ⇒   ⇒

ordway.org2017  Children’s FestivalGu Gu Drum Group / Study Guides2017 festival study guide (pdf!)



7 thoughts on “Kangxi Radical 207: 鼓 gǔ Drum

  1. Hello Cornelius,

    What a great illustration of this word! I’d like to request your permission to use this in an educational study guide I am currently working on. If permission is granted, I’ll happily credit you and your blog for the contribution.
    Thanks for your consideration!

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