Kangxi Radical 14: 冖 mì Cover

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Kangxi Radical No.14 (Two Strokes)

冖 / mì / “cover” radical (14)
aka: over, 秃宝盖 [禿寶蓋] , 平宝盖 [寶蓋], Kangxi Radical Cover
• not an independent character
• not to be confused with:   / mián / “roof” radical (40)

冗  / rǒng / superfluous, busy schedule
写 [寫] / xiě / to write
农 [農] / nóng / peasant, to farm, agriculture
军 [軍] / jūn / military, arms

[冪] / mì / exponent, to cover with a cloth, cloth cover, veil
• Radical: 巾



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