Kangxi Radical 51: 干 gān Dry

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Kangxi Radical No.51 (Three Strokes)

干 / gān / “dry” radical (51)
aka: shield, Kangxi Radical Dry
干 / gān / to concern, to interfere, shield, stem

干 [乾] / gān / dry, clean
干 [乾] / Gān / surname Gan

干 [幹] / gàn / tree trunk, to work, to do, to manage, cadre, capable, to kill (slang), to fuck (vulgar)

Yikes. Pay attention to context, I guess? I’ve kept to the ‘dry’ meaning for the sample vocabulary to keep things manageable.

Arch Chinese (page autoplays sound!)


晒干 [晒乾] / shàigān / to dry in the sun
晾干 [晾乾] / liàng gān / to dry by the sun
干 [風乾] / fēnggān / to air-dry
[乾] / gānbīng / dry ice
[乾] / gānshī / mummy, dried corpse
热干 [熱乾] / rè gān miàn ~ hot dry noodles

平 / píng / level, equal, peaceful
年 / nián / year
并 [並] / bìng / to combine, furthermore, (not) at all
幸 / xìng / fortunate, trusted

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