Kangxi Radical 58: 彐 jì Snout

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Variant: 彑

Kangxi Radical 58 (Three Strokes)

彐 (彑) / jì / “snout” radical (58)
aka: pig’s snout, pig snout, 寻字头 (尋字頭), Kangxi Radical Snout

录 [錄] / lù / diary, record, to hit, to copy
彖 / tuàn / to foretell the future using the trigrams of the Book of Changes ( sacred-texts.com)
彗 / huì / comet
彘 / zhì / swine

猪八戒 [豬八戒] /Zhū Bājiè / Zhu Bajie (⇒Pigsy’ from ⇒ Journey to the West)

⇒ short animation from 2008 Olympics (BBC)



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