Kangxi Radical 164: 酉 yǒu Wine

Kangxi Radical 164: 酉 yǒu “wine” ☞



酉 / yǒu / “wine” radical (164)
aka: 10th earthly branch, tenth earthly branch, wine vessel, alcohol, Kangxi Radical Wine
酉 / yǒu / 10th earthly branch

Earthly Branches (en.wikipedia)

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Chinese Characters: Sons of the Dragon

Sons of the Dragon:
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Kangxi Radical 43: 尢 wāng Lame

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Kangxi Radical No.43 (Three Strokes)

尢 (尣) / wāng / “lame” radical (43)
aka: Kangxi Radical Lame

尤 (尢) / yóu / outstanding, surname You

Apparently (⇒ en.wiktionary) the only use for 尢 as an independent character is as a variant of 尤. I don’t know how usual or unusual that is, nor if it’s ever done when the character is used for the surname. I’d guess not, but who knows.

尴 [尷] / gān / embarrassed, ill at ease
尬 / gà / in an embarrassing situation