Kangxi Radical 120: 糸 mì Silk

Kangxi Radical 120: 糸 mì “silk” ☞




糸 (纟[糹]) ~ mì ~ “silk” radical (120)
aka: fine silk, 纹丝 [紋絲] , Kangxi Radical Silk

丝 [絲] ~ sī ~ silk, thread, trace

• Compare: (short thread)
• Compare: 玄 (black, mysterious)
• Compare: 丝 [絲] (silk)


In Chinese it is 丝 [絲] which is normally used to mean “silk”, not 糸, which, I think, is never actually used at all as an independent character outside the context of radicals.

However, the Japanese Kanji 糸 is the (differently simplified) equivalent of traditional Chinese character 絲.

Bonus picture




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