Kangxi Radical 185: 首 shǒu Head

Kangxi Radical 185: 首 shǒu “head” ☞




首 ~ shǒu ~ “head” radical (185)
aka: Kangxi Radical Head
首 ~ shǒu ~ head, chief, first, main
• Not to be confused with: 面 ~ “face” (176)

首先 ~ shǒuxiān ~ first (of all), in the first place
为首 [為首] ~ wéishǒu ~ head, be headed by
首领 [首領] ~ shǒulǐng ~ head, boss/chief
首 ~ shīshou ~ corpse
首 ~ huíshǒu~ turn around, look back, recollect
首 ~ bǐshǒu ~ dagger
首 [門首] ~ ménshǒu ~ doorway

The authentic (traditionally) etymological interpretations are starting to seem more reasonable to me these days. Might be Stockholm syndrome.

Anyway, I’ve managed to build up a decent buffer again. Here’s the current queue:




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